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There's Never a Dull Moment at Texarkana Museums System

We host lively museum events in Texarkana, TX

Who said exploring museum exhibits wasn't fun? Get ready to have a memorable experience at Texarkana Museums System when you sign up for one of our special events. You'll have the opportunity to meet other history buffs and explore unique exhibits. You can even purchase items that have been 'overcollected ' in the past 57 years.

Sign up for an upcoming museum event in Texarkana, TX today. Tickets are typically $25 a person but may vary per event.

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Curious about our exclusive museum exhibits? You won't want to miss our:

What's Cookin' Texarkana Exhibit: From iconic dishes to cherished recipes, this exhibit celebrates the flavors and traditions that have defined Texarkana's culinary heritage. Join us on a journey through time and taste, where every recipe tells a story of our vibrant past. This exhibit will be showing through the end of June 2024.

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